AW-I7  Touch POS System


The Ethan E5 is a 15.6” All in One POS solution that will perform at a high level and in adverse conditions with no difficulty. A technology-rich solution that offers industrial grade performance with a high-quality design will make a dramatic statement in your store’s environment.


A Smart Investment Now


Retailers are challenged to operate as efficiently as possible, while still providing great customer experiences. The E5 touch POS terminal supports dual LAN, one network for internal ERP and secure data transfer and the other for Internet uses such as marketing and CRM.

An Investment that Lasts into the Future


Partner Tech’s E5 offers you the flexibility to scale as your business needs change. This touch POS terminal support up to three individual display for retail smart applications, that include the main screen, digital signage display, and external guest facing display.

Built to Last


The E5 features a rugged design. It is fanless and ventless with IP-54 IP rating, which helps prevent damage from dust, and, with no moving parts, they are less likely to be damaged from occasional impacts or vibrations in busy retail environments. In addition some components vulnerable to damage from spills are located inside the base to help protect them.



The E5 POS terminal is designed for multitasking. It can serve as both POS terminal and mini-KIOSK. The All-In-One stand with the thermal printer integrated can have all required cables well managed. Only one power adaptor is sufficient to support all operations for both E5 and the thermal printer, it is an ideal solution for business and services that require for mobility.

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